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Vampire myth slayed

The head at the oldest school in America was forced to quash an unusual rumour last week.

MTV and a number of other news sources reported that vampires were roaming the halls of the prestigious Boston Latin School, founded in 1635.

The story is thought to be the brainchild of a group of girl bullies, who had branded another pupil a goth and claimed that they had cut someone's neck and sucked their blood. Another reported that three pupils believed they were vampires and that police were called to investigate a biting incident.

The police denied reports that anyone at the school was bitten, but Lynne Mooney Teta, the headteacher, was forced to send a notice to pupils and parents to allay their concerns.

"I seek your co-operation in redirecting your energy toward the learning objectives of the day. Please do not sensationalise or discuss these rumours," she wrote in a note obtained by The Boston Globe.

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