Verbally challenged? All will be explained on a trek through the jargon jungle

Career development

Probably not yours.

Career-related activities

Students prepare for the world of work by arriving late and with frequent absences.

Cascade meetings

Your college is too mean to send all the team on a training course.


Makes even current flexible contracts look like jobs for life at Toyota.

College charter

Promises, promises, promises.

Communication skills

Develop these unless you've signed your confidentiality clause.


When education and market economies meet. Prepare for bankruptcy.

Consumer choice

Remember students always have a choice. Unlike you.

Contracts, individual

Like sex lives, no one is keen to discuss their new contracts with other people. For similar reasons.

Corporation boards

The inner-sanctum where Klingon is rumoured to be spoken.

Crisis management

The day-to-day running of your college?

Cross-college working groups

When Harry met Sally for the first time in years.

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