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Video for all seasons

The next best thing to visiting Castle Howard is to watch Jane Chipperfield's instructive 38-minute video, the second in her series Stories in Art. She introduces us to three treasures in the collection.

Holbein's vast bejewelled Henry VIII stares balefully from the canvas, brooding on the after-effects of the Reformation. Pannini's capriccios evoke the leisured world of genteel 18th-century travellers. William Morris's embroidered triple-panel screen represents the reaction against Industrialism. The Stories in Art (Volume 2) video costs pound;12.98, incl. VAT, pamp;p and Teachers' Notes. Available from Village Times Ltd, Birch Croft, Pinelands Road, Chilworth SO16 7HH. Tel: 02380 760210 email:

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