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Video makes an impact

Becta, the government agency that promotes technology in schools, is publishing its report on digital video editing in the classroom. Fifty schools took part in a pilot study sponsored by Apple and Canon. Each received an Apple Mac desktop computer, a Canon digital video camera, software and applications with images, moving pictures, copyright music and audio from famous names such as Alan Bennett.

Some schools used their equipment as a stand-alone unit; others have integrated it with PC and Mac networks. Schools reported back on their successes and failures.

The findings will consider the potential of digital video editing to develop creativity, sequencing skills and engage students in learning. Becta's project coordinator, Helen Walker says: "Editing makes students think about how to layer text, audio and video to fit their purpose."

Schools have been asked to comment on changes in attitude towards learning and behaviour.

The agency is running workshops for teachers who want to try digital video editing. Register by email.

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