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Hannah Ferguson, Donna Millar and Rachael Brown, 17 Crieff High, Perth and Kinross

"Teachers will be assisted in schools; probably not by robots because realistically we do not believe that technology will have advanced to that degree of sophistication ...

"A cut in teacher shortages with the recruitment of non Scots and the resulting variegation of people and subjects which could create a more colourful and inspiring environment."

Julia Robertson, 16 Thurso High, Highland

"If punishment such as suspension from schooling were to be advocated on a more regular basis in relation to bullying, it could help reinforce the message that the welfare of students is important, that intimidation shouldn't really be tolerated and that lives shouldn't be governed by fear."

Robyn Munro, 16 Dornoch Academy, Highland

"The Scottish education system of late is a frightening place to be. Think of the heart attacks served up on plates in our schools canteens."

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