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Virtuous cycle

These days, many schools are at last recognising that environmental good practice has to be implemented, not just taught. As a minimum, this seems to involve the collection of paper and so on, for recycling. How many schools, however, close the recycling loop, and buy recycled paper? Hardly any, is my guess. Why? Simple - it won't go through the photocopier.

I searched in vain through Gerald Haigh's ("Photo finish", TES2, September 20) for any reference to recycled paper. Photocopiers come with all manner of features of variable usefulness, but apparently never the ability to print on recycled paper.

So prospective photocopier buyers should ask suppliers which types of recycled paper are recommended for their machines. Perhaps the manufacturers might respond to consumer pressure. The really keen might ask if the machine itself can be recycled at the end of its life, in the way that can be done with some cars.

Terry Richter

2 Hillside Cottages

Cooks Lane


Chichester, West Sussex

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