Visionary joy

The general secretary of the Headteachers' Association of Scotland is apparently overcome by a mixture of "joy and trepidation" when he hears the Education Minister speak. We are not sure if Bill McGregor said this in confidence to the minister or not, but it's out in the open since Peter Peacock revealed it himself in a parliamentary schools debate last week.

We hadn't realised the minister was possessed of the potential for stimulating such profound emotions. But it appears McGregor becomes joyful when he hears Peacock spell out "the ambition of our vision", but is plunged into a gloom when the minister throws out another few challenges.

There is nothing wrong with the vision thing, of course. But, as Craig Thomson, principal of Adam Smith College in Fife, asked at an FE conference last week: "What comes after visioning? Is it hallucination?"

Perhaps McGregor has even profounder emotions yet to come.

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