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Vocational - Advice videos for teenagers

What the lesson is about

This "Video Collection" from the Teachers TV archive includes a wide range of advisory videos on the issues facing 14 to 19-year-olds, suggestions for teachers on how to approach vocational aspects of the curriculum, and the types of courses available. Although based on English examples, the same principles will apply in Scotland.

How to use it

One video looks at how Thomas Estley Community College in Leicester has introduced "specialism" afternoons for Year 9 (S2) students. During the weekly sessions, the students develop skills through working in different vocational disciplines. The school uses these sessions to develop independent learning and encourage higher aspirations.

A key aspect of vocational education is gaining work experience, and there is a video that looks at the benefits of work placements for GCSE (Standard grade) pupils. In it, Ruth Whitehead, a head of science, discusses how she has introduced a vocational element into her pupils' GCSE coursework.

Another issue is how schools can adapt their spaces to deliver vocational courses, and there is a video that looks at how Langley School in Solihull transformed an old lab into a functional room where pupils can work on their health and social care and child development courses.

For schools or teachers interested in building a vocational curriculum, another video looking at how the German school system handles vocational education will prove useful. It explores what three pupils get out of their different work placements.

In terms of specific industry advice, there is also a video that looks at the role of literacy, numeracy and ICT in becoming a gas engineer.

Where to find it

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