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Volcanic ash cloud

Posted by Ionian

At the time of typing this, four of our teaching staff (in a small school) will not be in the country tomorrow. I believe some authorities have told headteachers to do their best to keep schools open. Tomorrow could be interesting . Now, don't all be calling your bosses to say you're stuck abroad.

Posted by jonowen

Do they arrive at school by plane?

Oh, not all schools started the new term last week - silly me!

Posted by Raymagnol

Boom time for all those supply teachers, I reckon .

Posted by vforvendetta

Hurrah for the volcano! Long may it last!

Posted by canofcarrots

Fourteen teachers off at my school today. Good for supply folk.

Posted by therightchoice?

Sixteen with us. Just glad we're not having to cover - seniors have priorities and the rest are supervised elsewhere.

Posted by winaukee

Only 10 off in our place today but three of the senior management team are AWOL. Somehow, though, the school managed to open and survive without these three glorious leaders to guide our ship.

Posted by iheartpbandj

Twelve from ours, all senior management team were in. No joy for supply teachers, though - we only had one in (regular). The rest of the teachers' classes were covered by SMT and teachers on "please takes".

Posted by Winaukee

What are the chances of the SQA exams being affected by all this? Say throughout Scotland there are 2,000 S4 pupils missing, would they still run the exams?

Posted by catmother

Is 2,000 S4s not an over-estimation, as some local authorities went back last week and therefore should not have any stranded pupils?

Posted by Winaukee

I haven't got a clue, but the local authorities which have the most pupils, such as Glasgow, Edinburgh, Ayrshire etc, only went back this week. I think. For all I know there might not be much more than 2,000 in the whole of Scotland. Interesting to see in England that an announcement was made regarding exams, but silence from the SQA.

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