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Voters say yes to more tax

Over two thirds of voters would support a penny-in-the-pound income tax rise to boost spending on education and training, according to a poll carried out on behalf of colleges.

The MORI opinion poll, commissioned by the Association of Colleges and the Association for College Management, revealed strong support for the policy, which is proposed by the Liberal Democrats.

The survey found less support for a one-off windfall tax on privatised utilities to pay for employee training. Only 11 per cent strongly supported the policy, which is among Labour's education proposals. However, the question asked by MORI suggested the move would lead to increased costs of services for consumers - an effect Labour denies would result.

The poll also found almost three-quarters of voters think the Government should spend the same amount on FE students as on those attending university. The vast majority thought employers and the government should shoulder the cost burden of providing work-related training.

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