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Wales: land of forgotten trainees

I AM writing as part of a forgotten minority - teacher-trainees in Wales. We did not receive the pound;6,000 training salary that our counterparts in England received. It seems ludicrous that people can be penalised for their choice to train in Wales.

Since the Assembly has now backtracked and decided to give the training salary from September 2001, it appears it has either created its own supply problem or it was just doing a bit of short-term money-saving all along.

Sice the turnaround the story is that the salary is an "incentive" into teaching and since we applied before its introduction we could not expect to get it. No problem there, except that our colleagues in England got it. This inequality we cannot abide in a country that is still under the same parliament as England. As far as we are concerned the Welsh Assembly has trodden on the very people that voted for it.

Rachel Knox 112 Towyn Way West Towyn Abergele, Conwy

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