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Walpole needs a lesson in the value of RE

I am a fan of Walpole's World, but this time Henry hasn't been very wise. Making a wish-list that includes removing religious education along with design and technology from the primary curriculum - simply because he hasn't moved on from lesson one - isn't very funny at all ("And here's a list of my demands ... ", TES, April 4).

How many humorous moments has Henry lost because of his disregard for RE? I remember the glorious time when my special school pupils designed a funeral service for a dead rabbit that we found outside the RE room, and when we visited a Buddhist vihara (monastery) and one pupil's question to the resident monk was: "Why is your toilet so small?"

RE is not a burden. In the right hands, it can be both uplifting and loads of fun.

Anne Krisman, Head of RE, Little Heath Foundation School, Redbridge, London.

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