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Waste management

FINDING OUT ... About Managing Waste. From CRL Education in association with INCPEN. A free copy is being distributed to the head of science in all UK secondary schools. Further copies pound;5.99 for one (pound;4.25 each for 10) from CRL Education, tel: 01223 507360

The latest in the Finding Out Series, About Managing Waste, couldn't be more topical with the publication earlier this year of the Government's national waste strategy.

As the teacher's notes show, this resource book can contribute to geography, science, technolgy, citizenship and PSHE, primarily at key stage 4, but with some relevance earlier. The seven sections - including What is Waste?, The History of Waste, and Conserving Resources - contain plenty of coloured photographs, diagrams and cartoons. The book is punctuated with "what you can do" sections that build on the scientific principles in each chapter and encourage consideration of the wider implications often by putting pupils in the position of decision makers Kate Schofield teaches at Falmer School, Brighton

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