WATCH: Ian Wright praises teacher who showed him love

Ex-football star in tears on I'm a Celebrity… as he remembers primary teacher 'he could talk to'

Ian Wright on I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!

Former England football star Ian Wright fought back tears on national television last night as he once again publically praised his primary school teacher Sydney Pigden.

Currently a contestant on ITV’s I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!, Mr Wright told fellow contestants that Mr Pigden “was the first man who showed me love".

While they were sitting around the campfire, he said: “I was quite disruptive and I was always put outside the classroom, but then he put me in the library room and he started to talk to me about behaving myself.

"And he was somebody that I could talk to all the time and tell him about what was going on at home, and then once he realised that I could play football that’s when it really kicked in."

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Pigden, who died last year aged 95, was a teacher at Turnham Primary School in Brockley, South London, when Wright joined as an eight-year-old.

The clip of Wright talking about Mr Pigden has been liked on Twitter more than 2,600 times.

In the footage, he says: “I couldn’t put a price on what Mr Pigden has done for me. He’s the first man in my life that showed me love. As a teacher, he gave me that little bit extra bit of tutorship that I needed. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be where I am."

The relationship has already been documented in Tes and in Wright's autobiography.

Nearly 2 million people have watched the video of Ian Wright being reunited with Mr Pigden in 2010.

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