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A group of Aberdeen teenagers has won a top prize at a film festival where judges included Sir Alan Parker, Kate Winslet, Minnie Driver, right, and Catherine Tate.

Their 10-minute film, Mothering Nature, was made with the help of Station House Media Unit, a community-based media project in the city's Woodside area.

The tale of a lonely man's struggle to cope with his mother's death won the over-13s category at the First Light Movie Awards, which are open to five to 18-year-olds throughout the UK.

Producer Richard Gibb and director Geraldine Heaney, who is trying to carve out a career in documentary film-making, attended an awards ceremony last week at the Odeon in Leicester Square, London. They were also invited to a reception at 11 Downing Street with Chancellor Gordon Brown, where the nominated films were screened.

The former Harlaw Academy pupils worked with schoolmates and pupils from other Aberdeen schools.


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