WATCH: Teacher fools class with fake spelling test – and the internet couldn't get enough of it

Teacher Joe Dombrowski played an April Fools' Day prank on his class last week and it went viral

Kate Parker

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In which sentence would you use the word "blorskee"? Or "slipert"? Or "shabolaskp"? 

Confused? Or scrambling for a dictionary? 

You aren't alone. A class of 10-year-olds were baffled when their teacher gave them a surprise spelling test last week. 

Joe Dombrowski, from Oakland Elementary School in Michigan, fooled his class with a list of fake words (most of which had random silent letters) as an early April Fools' Day joke.

And, unsurprisingly, the internet loved it.



It seems he isn't the first teacher who's had a trick up their sleeve:



Mr D, you're officially top of the class:



Pupils, watch out... 

And, yes, yes they are. 

The complete spelling list: 

Blorskee: “I lost my blorskee at a carnival.”

Tangateen: “I eat my spaghetti with a tangateen.”

Speekuzslmn: “Look, there’s a speekuzslmn.”

Wazamata: “Students said they were sick, I said, ‘Wazamata with you?’”

Slipert: “Be careful when you’re sleeping, there might be a slipert in your house."

Chchch: “The horse was angry so I said chchch."

Rol-aska-tox: “Rol-aska-tox was surprised when jinx took the crown.”

Speenuch: “My favourite food is speenuch and artichoke dip.”

Shabolaskp: “Be careful that you do not catch shabolaskp.”

GÜRRR: “My friend told me a secret and I said GÜRRR.”


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