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TEEN SPECIES. BBC1, Wednesday, July 3, 9-10pm.

There is a Harry Enfield sketch that shows a decent boy transformed on the morning of his13th birthday into a mumbling, shuffling, boorish beast: adolescence has arrived. It doesn't come that punctually, but this excellent series shows some changes can be triggered by a simple weight gain. In part one, we follow Claudia, a dancer, who finds she can't keep her balance; Sharmaine, who suffers inexplicable mood changes, and twins Rebecca and Jessica, who cast a wry glance at what is happening to them and their friends. Simple graphics explain the physical changes and there are sections on topics such as teen culture and bullying. Vital viewing for adolescents - and their handlers.

THE EDGE: Bottling The Sun. Discovery Channel, Monday, July 1, 9.30-10pm.

For 50 years, physicists have been trying to meet the earth's energy needs by replicating the fusion process that goes on in the heart of the sun. They're not there yet, but a team at Culham has made some progress. How they did it, partly with makeshift equipment and over lunches in the pub, is the subject of this film. One of those involved, Alan Sykes, recalls how he was inspired by experiments with fusion power in the late 1950s; this film could be an inspiration to some budding physicist to carry on his work.


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