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Suenos: BBC1, Sunday, October 1, 10.30-10.45am. This Spanish-teaching series looks at the language in its international context, as the mother tongue of 400 million people. It is aimed at beginners, with sub-titles and vocabulary explained. Supporting the programmes is a learning pack, available from BBC Education on 0181 746 1111.

The Knowledge Learning By Numbers: BBC2, Tuesday, October 3, 7.30-8.00pm. Does class size make a difference to children's learning? This documentary considers research in Tennessee which claims to prove that children learn more effectively in smaller classes.

The Square on the Pythagoras: Radio 3FM, Wednesday, October 4, 9.00-9. 30pm. The history of maths is explored in this four-part series, in a way that is meant to be accessible to those easily intimidated by numbers, geometry and arithmetic. The first episode looks at the development of number systems from pre-history through to the geometrical skills of the Babylonians, Egyptian pyramid builders and the ancient Greeks.

People's Century 1919 Lost Peace: BBC1, Wednesday, October 4, 10.00-10. 55pm. This massive oral history project considers the end of the First World War and the redrawing of the map of Europe at the Versailles Peace Conference, creating new countries such as Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia. The reparations imposed on Germany destroyed its economy, and the programme provides first-hand testimonies of the hyper-inflation, destitution and political instability that followed.

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