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* VE Day Don't You Know There's a War On?: Radio 2FM, Saturday, May 6, 6pm. The first episode in a three-part oral history series, relating the course of the Second World War as experienced on the home front, through contemporary broadcasts and the recollections of people who were there. The series uses recordings made during the war, in which ordinary people described events such as the bombing of the east end of London. The programmes are to be released in the BBC Radio Collection as audio cassettes.

* Anne Frank Remembered: BBC2, Saturday, May 6, 8.55pm. A two-hour documentary portrait of the life and times of Anne Frank, with eye-witness testimonies from people who knew her, set against the story of the growing threat to the Jewish community in the Netherlands under Nazi occupation.

* Coming Home: BBC1, Sunday, May 7, 9.15pm. At the end of the war millions of families across Europe were divided. With the peace came the complex process of returning home. Among the stories told in this documentary is the disappointment of a daughter whose father returned from war withdrawn and uncommunicative; and the East End boys who had to return to hard times after six years of wartime evacuation in a stately home being waited on by servants.

* VE Day Surrender: Radio 4FM, Monday, May 8, 11.30am. How the Germans experienced defeat is examined in this series of interviews with eye-witnesses. A nurse recalls how she was approached by SS soldiers wanting their medical records to be altered to hide their Nazi affiliations.

* Document Special Harbouring the Enemy: Radio 4FM, Monday, May 8, 8.55pm. The end of Nazism saw the beginning of the process of punishing war criminals and those who had collaborated with them. This documentary looks at the moral and practical questions raised by the concept of acceptable and unacceptable behaviour in war, and how political expediency sometimes obstructed the aim of punishing those responsible for wartime atrocities.

* Lowdown Watching Us, Watching You: BBC1, Tuesday, May 9, 5.10pm. Set against the background of the recent World Summit for Television and Children held in Australia, this documentary for children examines how young viewers use television and what they think of what they are offered.

* Mondrian Through the Keyhole: Channel 4, Tuesday, May 9, 9pm. The life and work of the influential Dutch painter, Piet Mondrian, is explored in this documentary, recording the development of his pioneering abstract style. Mondrian's home in Paris was designed with the same spartan angularity as his paintings, with only small coloured rectangles for decoration, and among the panel of experts contributing to this biography is a clinical psychologist. The programme also relates that the painter had no known love life and a violent hatred for the colour green.

* Technology for Today: Channel 4, Wednesday, May 10. 9.30pm. A new in-service training series from Channel 4 Schools looks at links with industry and how local businesses can contribute to providing schools with extra resources, visits or work experience.

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