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The Private Life of Dolphins:

Channel 4, Sunday, July 2, 7.00pm. A wildlife documentary that considers the social life of dolphins, in climates from Australia to the Moray Firth in Scotland.

The Rainbow:

Channel 4, Sunday, July 2, 10.00pm. Ken Russell's 1989 adaptation of DH Lawrence's 1915 novel of the emotional and sexual coming of age of a young woman, starring Sammi Davis and Paul McGann. It is presented in a season of films adapted from novels.

Citizen 2000:

Channel 4, Tuesday, July 4, 8.00pm. This time-lapse portrait of Britain follows individuals from birth to adulthood. At present, the case studies are 12-years-old, and the programme shows them talking about their lives in home and school.

The Mind Field:

Channel 4, Thursday, July 6, 8.00pm. This programme about the complexities of the human mind considers the phenomenon of children inventing imaginary friends, which are often brought into family and school life by young children apparently convinced of the reality of their creations.

Exploring Educational Issues:

BBC2, Tuesday, July 4, 7.10am. A programme in the Open University slot for student teachers, "Black Girls in Search of Learning", looks at the particular issues facing young black women within the educational system.

Barnardo's Children:

BBC1, Tuesday, July 4, 9.30pm. Marking the 150th anniversary of Barnardo's homes, this three-part series looks at the changing circumstances in which 300,000 children have been through the system instituted by Thomas Barnardo. As well as children who were saved from the streets, there are also stories of the harshness of the surroundings and the regimentation of daily life.

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