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* Julius Caesar: Radio 3, Sunday, February 26, 7.30pm. Richard Dreyfuss and Stacy Keach are among the big-name cast of this Californian production of the play, recorded last year in the Los Angeles Festival of Arts. The production draws parallels with the United States' experience of political assassination, such as presidents Lincoln and Kennedy.

* Panorama: The Killing Screens: BBC1, Monday, February 27, 9.30pm. In the week that Oliver Stone's movie, Natural Born Killers is released in Britain, this documentary once more returns to the perennial debate as to how, if at all, an audience is affected by exposure to violence on film, video and television.

The programme features the case of an 18-year-old in Salt Lake City who watched Natural Born Killers 10 times before killing his step-mother and half-sister, with the film being blamed as a trigger. Also giving evidence is a University of Iowa research psychologist who claims that "the effect of television violence on aggression is as large as effects of alcohol in aggression in laboratory studies".

* St John Passion: Radio 3, Wednesday, March 1, 7.30pm. JS Bach's work is performed in Westminster Abbey by the Leipzig Thomanchor, the choir which Bach himself once led.

* Secret Lives: The Young Freud: Channel 4, Thursday, March 2, 9pm. Freud's work focused on the importance of formative influences in an individual's early years, and this documentary explores the psychoanalyst's own shaping experiences, using the evidence of Freud's letters, the accounts of his friends and dramatisations.

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