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Oliver Twist: BBC2, Saturday, April 13, 12.45pm. As a major biography of director David Lean is published this week, this classic 1948 film adaptation of Dickens's novel is being screened as part of an afternoon dedicated to the film maker's work.

A Passage to India: BBC2, Saturday, April 13, 4.10pm. The 1984 film adaptation of EM Forster's novel of repression and misunderstandings among British travellers in India, directed by David Lean. The film features Peggy Ashcroft, James Fox and Alec Guinness (also appearing in Oliver Twist as Fagin).

Rebellion: BBC2, Sunday, April 14, 6.35pm. An evening devoted to the memory of the Jacobite rebellion of 1745 begins with a documentary charting the events that followed the defeat of the Scottish rebels at Culloden, leading to the Highland Clearances. Culloden, which follows at 7.25pm, is a repeat of a 1963 drama-documentary which became celebrated for the brutality of its depiction of the battle.

Caught in the Web: Radio 5 Live, Sunday, April 14, 8.35pm. Science and technology minister, Ian Taylor, addresses the issue of pornography on the Internet and argues that self-regulation is better than imposed censorship.

Key Witness The Dicatators: Radio 4FM, Wednesday, April 17, 8.35pm. This new history series presents eye-witness accounts of great events of the century. In this edition, there are the impressions from former Foreign Office officials of face-to-face encounters with figures including Stalin, Tito, Krushchev and Goering. Unexpected memories include accounts of Stalin's "charm" and Krushchev's insistence on telling dirty stories during tense meetings over the building of the Berlin Wall.

The Glass Menagerie: Channel 4, Thursday, April 18, 12.55am. Tennessee Williams's play of frustrated hopes and betrayed idealism as adapted for film by Paul Newman, in a 1987 production starring Joanne Woodward and Jon Malkovich.

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