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Poetry Please: Radio 4, Sunday, April 23, 5.30pm. To celebrate Shakespeare's 431st birthday, members of the Royal Shakespeare Company deliver sonnets and extracts from the plays and talk about their selections of verse.

q States of Mind Circles of Madness: BBC2, Sunday, April 23, 9.40pm. Introducing a week of programmes about mental health, this documentary considers the plight of people with mental disorders and the implications for families and the wider community. Prince Charles contributes to the discussion. Horizon Hearing Voices: BBC2, Monday, April 24, 8pm. A research-based study of children and adults who "hear" voices in their heads, with evidence showing how people can hear voices for many years without experiencing any other psychiatric disturbances. The Asylum War: BBC2, Monday, April 24, 9pm. At the end of the 18th century a dispute in York between different approaches to madness, changed the direction of treatment for the mentally ill in Britain. In the York Asylum, madness was treated with beating, chains and starvation; while in the Quaker-run, York Retreat, non-restraint was promoted. A parliamentary select committee investigated the rival institutions and found in favour of non-restraint, making the first moves towards understanding rather than punishing mental illness. Education Matters: Radio 4, Monday, April 24, 11pm. The number of children admitted to hospital with mental illnesses has risen by 50 per cent in three years. The programme considers the causes and consequences.

q The Fall of Saigon: BBC1, Sunday, April 23, 10.40pm. Marking the 20th anniversary of the United States's unseemly scramble out of South Vietnam, this documentary follows the final hours before the arrival of the North Vietnamese troops in Saigon. The programme asks how the massive United States political and military investment in South Vietnam could end in a rooftop rush for helicopters, with evidence given by President Ford and Henry Kissinger, and diplomats and CIA agents who were in the Saigon embassy.

q Techno: BBC2, Monday, April 24, 11.20am. A new series for schools television focusing on real-life technology case studies for lower secondary pupils. The series of five programmes will consider the application of technology in topical issues, using the examples that include electronic toll roads, robots, construction materials, food technology and control systems.

q Victory Stills: BBC2, Tuesday, April 25, 10.30pm. The first in an oral history series of 90-second programmes, featuring photographs of VE Day and the recollections of the people who took them. Official photographs of VE Day are surprisingly rare, as the Ministry of Information photographers were given the day off, and a scarcity of film and a ban on servicemen using cameras also limited the pictures taken by amateurs.

q Blue Peter VE Day Special: BBC1, Wednesday, April 26, 5.05pm. The programme visits Berlin and Hamburg to tell the story of the war's end. Young Germans are interviewed about their attitude towards the Second World War and their grandparents' generation that fought it. The programme will also visit Auschwitz, the first time that Blue Peter has been to a concentration camp in its 37-year history.

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