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* Eurovisions A Country Called Europe.

BBC1, Sunday, June 4, 12.30pm. It's 40 years since the Messina Conference proposed the idea of a European Union, and in this anniversary documentary Peter Jay looks at how the process of integration has subsequently developed. Britain's place in Europe is the subject of The Big Debate, BBC2, Sunday, June 4, 8pm, chaired by David Dimbleby, tackling issues such as a single European currency and national sovereignty.

* The Net.

BBC2, Monday, June 5, 8pm. Politicians of all sides have been quick to claim the information superhighway as part of their policy for the future, and here Paddy Ashdown, leader of the Liberal Democrats, browses the Internet's political pages. Also under discussion is the race to find a way of making secure financial transactions on the Internet.

* A Curious Kind of Ritual.

BBC2, Tuesday, June 6, 6.45am. This Open University programme looks at the importance of exams in the British education system and asks if they are the best way of measuring children's achievements. If the videotape is still running, this is followed at 7.10am by Exploring Educational Issues, which considers the background to the 1988 Education Reform Act.

* The Invisible Wall.

BBC1, Wednesday, June 7, 7.30pm. Miniature cameras hidden in ties and Filofaxes uncover how disabled people are barred from nightclubs and restaurants, in this new series from the BBC's Disability Programmes Unit.

* 11 O'Clock High.

ITV (Carlton Television region), Wednesday, June 7, 11.10pm. This showcase of work by six contemporary film and video artists is supported by a free education pack, relating the videos to media studies and art and design. Produced by the London Film and Video Development Agency, the pack contains textual analysis of the videos and notes on classroom use. Tel: 0171 436 9446.

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