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EARTHQUAKES SEISMOLOGY AT WORK: BBC2, Saturday, November 4, 8.45am. This Open University programme tackles underground seismic disturbance, either of the natural variety or the type caused by testing atomic weapons.

PRIDE AND PREJUDICE FROM PAGE TO SCREEN: BBC2, Saturday, November 4, 4. 05pm. A behind-the-scenes look at the adaptation of Jane Austen's novel, with contributions from director, actors and those responsible for writing the script, casting the characters and designing the sets.

TECHNOLOGY SEASON: BBC2, Monday-Friday, November 6-10, 6.00am. Each morning this week, there will be two technology programmes, "Perpetual Motion", looking at machines and transport, and "The Net" (6.30am), a repeat of a series looking at the ever-expanding Internet and the possibilities provided by new technology. On Friday, the focus is on the educational software market.

EDUCATION MATTERS: Radio 4LW, Monday, November 6, 11.30pm. The education series looks this week at why some schools succeed in adverse circumstances where others might fail. There is also a feature on the rights of parents with special needs children, and how in Birmingham efforts are being made by the local authority to provide better support.

PEOPLE'S CENTURY 1933: Master Race. BBC1, Wednesday, November 8, 10.00pm. Why did Germans support Hitler in the Thirties? This history series provides first-hand accounts, including the memories of both the victims and perpetrators of Nazi violence.

HANDS UP: Channel 4, Thursday, November 9, 8.00pm. Jon Snow visits a Coventry comprehensive and a similar school in Wuppertal, Germany, and finds that, by comparison, the British school is starved of resources. The German school has 40 per cent more teachers, new science laboratories and modern equipment. Meanwhile, the Coventry school could boast a leaking roof and an endless round of car-boot sales.

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