Water, water, everywhere

WaterAid wants schools across Scotland to help some of the world's poorest children by taking part in World Water Day on March 22.

The charity, which provides safe water and toilets to the world's poorest, runs the Buckets of Pennies for Buckets of Water appeal. It provides free packs aimed at all ages. These include lesson plans and fundraising tips specifically written for each age group. Teachers can also make a donation to receive Splish, Splash, Flush, a DVD about WaterAid and the importance of clean water and toilets.

Thousands of children around the world are living without safe water and sanitation, and 5,000 die each day from water-related illnesses. It costs less than pound;15, however, for a lasting supply of clean water and sanitation.

Katie Spooner, WaterAid community fundraiser, said: "In some countries children spend many hours every day walking miles to collect water, meaning they don't have time for school or play."

Fundraising pack, E buckets@wateraid.org. T 020 7793 4563. Splish, Splash, Flush: www.wateraid.orgsplashout E schools@ wateraid.org

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