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'We are pupils' daytime family'

"Love feels like being happy," said Cagney Burch, six, of Mount Pleasant primary, Dudley.

Cagney, who loves her mum, dad and sister, said: "When people love each other they hug and say nice things."

Gail Bedford, head of Mount Pleasant, said: "In assembly, I talk about the Mount Pleasant family. We are the children's daytime family. We show respect, love and care for each other, as we do to our families at home.

"We talk about caring for other people and what it means to be friends as part of our personal, social and health education."

Pupils at the school already have clear ideas about love.

Charlie Price, nine, pointed out you could love all sorts of things. She said: "I love the woods where I take my dog for a walk. And I love my dog, Honey. I love her because when we play she's really funny."

Laura Whitehead, 10, said: "I think there is enough love in the world, but maybe some people do need to learn a bit more about it - the kind of people who think about themselves."

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