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We couldn't be happier

I read the article about Boringdon primary - the happy school in Plymouth - with interest (TES, May 28). You asked if any schools were even happier.

Well, ours is.

I am the head of Eatock primary school in Bolton. We were in the top 25 per cent of schools for adding value in 2003. We have an Artsmark and an Active mark and the children learn Spanish.

We have many theme days and weeks, a wonderful wildlife area, and we promote the children's many styles of learning. We think any child can learn in the right environment.

The children and staff sing, dance, act, have brain breaks, paint, dress up, skip, lie on their backs to look at the clouds and count the frogs in our pond. We all laugh and smile all day!

The staff ramble together, do salsa dancing and, every Wednesday after school, we do an hour's keep fit together - myself and one other teacher are trained aerobics instructors. We all race each other to be the first to leave on Fridays because the worklife balance is important to us.

We recently advertised for a new teacher and asked the candidates to teach the panel anything they liked. The one that taught us to jive got the job as he had all the traits we think are important - charisma, energy, a risk-taker and a sense of fun.

You would be hard pressed to find a school happier than ours.

Naomi Richardson


Eatock primary school

St George's Avenue

Westhoughton, Bolton

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