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We lost our second home

YOU deserve to be congratulated on the article in FE Focus.

Many of us - particularly from the minority communities which were so well served by Bilston Community College - have waited a long while for someone to tell the other side of the Bilston story.

Our association had a fruitful 20-year partnership with Bilston. The college provided premises for our religious, social, cultural and youth activities. It also hosted language classes for our community. Most of our children have perfomed on its stage and taken part in our sports day in its field. Needless to say, many attended classes for various courses as well.

We all have loving memories of the college. We felt we had a real partnership with it. In fact our community was "adopted" by the college which became a "second home" for us.

The college has been destroyed for reasons we do not understand.

BD Patel

President, Hindu Association Bilston

54 Villiers Avenue

Bilston, West Midlands

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