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We must act in harmony to revive singing

David Hart is right. Whole-school singing is not necessarily the only way to encourage more singing in secondary schools ("Call for singing revival", TES, August 5). It is just one example from the Music Manifesto of how to make singing a key part of every child's musical experience in school.

One of my priorities in the coming year is to work with school leadership teams who understand the power of learning through music to improve wider pupil attainment and behaviour and get them to promote this to others who don't yet get it. A school singing programme is frequently part of the solution but clearly not the only one. I will be looking for the crucial support of the National Association of Head Teachers in this work.

A vital issue for the development of a singing and vocal strategy is how we can better support our workforce to translate our aims into practice and find ways to encourage more singers into school.

One of my main messages about singing and music in general is that we must cherish what teachers are currently doing so well and give them more support. This continues to be central to delivering the aims of the Music Manifesto.

Marc Jaffrey Music Manifesto Champion 29-33 Berners Street London W1

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