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We must have more librarians

Your front-page story revealing that secondary schools now spend pound;120 million more on exam fees than books should be another nail in the coffin of the present track-and-test regime ("Exam fees soar", TES, February 24).

Ask yourself a simple question: when your teaching career is over and the angels ask you what you remember, will you say administering the Sats? Of course not. But you will remember a loved class reader.

It is time to radically prune the number of formal tests our youngsters do, especially the time-consuming and intellectually numbing Sats.

Let's spend the money on revitalising tired libraries, employing more school librarians and getting our youngsters hooked on reading, a pre-requisite for any drive to raise academic standards.

Alan Gibbons Authors against the Sats 13 Chatsworth Avenue Liverpool

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