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We was robbed of good grades

I read with interest the article entitled "Robbed of a good GCSE" (TES, October 10). The experiences described in the article by other schools reflect very much the situation at Oaklands Catholic school following this year's GCSE results in French from AQA.

We typically get between 53 and 60 per cent A* to C results from a 90 per cent entry policy. This year it dropped to 40 per cent and while there are always other elements to consider, close analysis of the breakdown of the results indicated low marking of the speaking test and an unprecedented number of D grades from candidates we would normally expect to score a C or higher.

I will be writing to AQA to express my concerns but would like the schools mentioned in the story to contact me.

Ben Shaw

Head of department

Oaklands Catholic school

Stakes Hill Road


Waterlooville, Hampshire

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