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This issue, you'll will be able to find even more reviews and features by visiting www.tes.co.ukonline Features

* Jack Kenny looks at the development of the open source community

* Pete Roythorne talks to Elthorne Park High School's Suneil Basu about his open source assessment system

* John Galloway talks to Lincs education chief Dr Cheryle Berry about the ICT implications in the Children's Bill

* How William Ransom primary school offers its pupils homework support via email Software reviews

* Developing Tray - a literacy classic

* Cambridge-Hitachi CD-Roms

* Edutech's Primary Explorer

* Sherston Skill Busters

* aspexTabs Hardware

* Why you should consider tablet PCs, by Jack Kenny

* George Cole looks at handheld PCs

* Alphasmart Neo

* USB Flash drives

* Portable storage with the Freecom FHD-XS Networking

* Les Watson talks networks

* Virtual learning environments

* Pam Turnbull looks at online learning services Administration

* Gerald Haigh's BETT admin round-up, and how handhelds can be used for management

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