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Resource title: Christmas booklets

Uploaded by: Maureen Stephenson, a reception teacher from Newcastle upon Tyne

Rating: *****

Downloaded: 1,845 times

Find it: www.tes.co.ukchristmasbooklet

Suitable for: Three to five-year-olds and five to seven-year-olds

What is it?

A set of four picture books portraying the story of the birth of Jesus. Teachers can use the books to help pupils practise their handwriting and letter formation; match pictures to sentences and children can attempt to write their own version of the story in a blank template.

What other teachers say:

"As a key stage 2 teacher, I will be using the pictures and asking the children to write their own version of the story, offering clear differentiation for my lower-ability children."

"This resource is perfect for all levels of my class."

"This is great, I am going to reorganise it into Spanish."

"This is super, the lovely pictures made me very happy. It will save me having to create something similar that I lost a few years ago."

"My children of varied ages will all enjoy tracing, drawing and writing their own stories."

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