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ARKive, known as the digital Noah's Ark for the 21st century, was recently awarded a British Environment and Media Award for the best environmental website. Launched in May 2002 by its patron, Sir David Attenborough, it provides a safe haven for detailed records of all forms of wildlife - international films, photographs, sound recordings and memories - building them into portraits of Earth's endangered plants and animals. Two free-to-view satellite sites, Planet ARKive for teachers and ARKive Education for children, are now available. The latter provides interactive games, project ideas, species profiles and challenges including designing a habitat, becoming a nature detective and helping a sand lizard to make survival choices.;;

Science Clips, produced by Alternative View Studios for BBCi Schools, contains 36 interactive Flash experiments for ages 5-11, 36 printable worksheets and more than 70 lesson plans for teachers.

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