Websites to waste time on

Madeleine Brettingham


It's a new year, which means another 366 days to waste, squander and generally fritter into oblivion. And the web, as always, is there to help.

Try, the social networking site that specialises in competitive misanthropy., meanwhile, ponders the mystery of food that advertises itself using pictures of grinning pigs and ecstatic chickens (check out the chicken wearing a bra - sexy and edible).

At you can marvel at the work of urban drain explorer, Zero, as he gets to grips with Britain's sewer system.

The joyous www.jamphat.comrap shows rap music in the form of graphs (it's about time someone mapped "call the cops" against "grab your glocks," if you ask me) and does what it says on the tin, while www.kloonigames.combloggamescrayon is a beautifully-sketched physics game where you have to collect stars using the power of gravity.

Or you could try www.blogzarro.comp=223 for 101 great The Simpsons quotes: Homer: "When I held that gun in my hand, I felt a surge of power ... like God must feel when he's holding a gun".

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Madeleine Brettingham

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