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We'd all find path with cash

Your article "Happy to go home on time" (TES, February 13) illustrates the naivety of the Department for Education and Skills in thinking that it can persuade us that the workload agreement is manageable.

To prove this, it has given "pathfinder" schools huge sums of money - pound;173,000 - to show how it can be done.

Anyone with half a brain could produce such a "dramatic change" with such resources. My nine-year-old daughter would make sure every teacher in the school got a cooked breakfast when they arrived ( she knows I don't have time for breakfast) and every pupil a chocolate bar at breaktime - for a year.

If there was any money left I'd persuade her to spend it on salaries, training, interactive whiteboards, and a further pound;73,000 to build an annexe for my school's two teaching administrators. Then we'd all be on a level pathfinder field.

David J Peel


The Russell school (non-pathfinder)

Chorleywood, Hertfordshire

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