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This week, next week

25-31 July 2015


Check mates

Teachers are the kings and queens of their classrooms. So it would be no surprise if a few educators turned up at the British Chess Championships at the University of Warwick this week.


Wheely well done

Determination, grit and a penchant for pain - no, not requirements for a career in schools but the virtues embodied by cyclist Chris Froome as he became the first Briton to win the Tour de France twice.


Parks and recreation

It's National Parks Week, so, if you're not heading abroad this summer, why not visit one of Britain's 15 national parks? A dose of fresh air is sure to banish all memories of claustrophobic classrooms.


Be prepared

Britain's most sensible young leaders - and their woggles - are in attendance at this week's World Scout Jamboree in Yamaguchi City, Japan. Next year's head boy and girl may even be among them.


Find your sea legs

Have a hankering for the seaside? Then go exploring this National Marine Week. The campaign from Britain's Wildlife Trusts raises awareness of vulnerable species and this year celebrates dolphins.


That's moor like it

Wuthering Heights author Emily Bront, a teacher before the workload turned her against the profession, was born 197 years ago today (see our pull-out on the 100 books every secondary student should read).


Retreating from the world

Theravada Buddhists in Thailand begin their annual retreat with a procession of candles to temples. Monks and other devotees will spend three months in peace and quiet. Sound tempting?

1-7 August 2015


Have a Wales of a time

Schoolchildren will wear traditional Welsh dress as they take to the stage for the National Eisteddfod (ice-teth-vod). With origins dating back to 1176, it's one of the oldest cultural celebrations in the world.


Works like a charm

Underage magic may be a crime, but it's sometimes necessary. On this day in 1995, Harry Potter fought off a mob of soul-sucking Dementors with a Patronus charm. Well worth a slap on the wrist, we say.


Counters at the ready.

Devotees of Travel Scrabble and maths teachers who love trouncing family members at Battleships are sure to enjoy the World Boardgaming Championships in Pennsylvania, US.


Happy birthday, Mr president

Barack Obama will turn 54. During his seven years in office, he and his wife Michelle have worked to raise global standards of education by backing campaigns to get more children into school.


Get in on the act

Drama may be squeezed at schools, but children can watch top London shows for free this Kids Week. The annual month-long campaign is designed to inspire a new generation of thespians.


Full of hot air

The Bristol International Balloon Fiesta is one of the largest hot-air-balloon festivals in the world. Some of the balloons have a capacity of 2,500m3 - roughly the same volume as an Olympic-sized pool.


It's the way they tell 'em

Comedians will vie for the "funniest joke" award at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Last year, Tim Vine won with this zinger: "I've decided to sell my Hoover.well, it was just collecting dust."

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