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13-19 September 2014


Sweet dreams

On Roald Dahl Day, teachers everywhere unleashed their inner Willy Wonka to join enthusiasts across the world in celebrating the birthday of the perennially popular children's author.


Unto us a wonder was born

Hallelujah! On this day in 1741, George Frederick Handel completed his Messiah, giving joy to the masses and inspiration to school choirs for centuries to come. He composed the work in just 24 days.


Combating Islamic State

Delegates from 30 countries, including 10 from the Arab world, attended a summit in Paris to decide how to help Iraq to fight Islamic State. A joint statement from ministers promised military assistance.


Revolutionary ringleader

Mexico celebrates its Independence Day. The event commemorates a priest who, in 1810, rang church bells to summon his congregation and called on them to rise up against Spanish rule, sparking an 11-year war.


Difference of opinion

MPs expressed disapproval over conflicts of interest between academies and their sponsors. The Commons Education Select Committee issued a report saying that the problem was arising too frequently.


Aye or naw?

The fateful day was finally here - after fevered debate and campaigning on both sides, people in Scotland took to the polls to decide whether the country should become independent or stick with the Union.


Go go gadget envy

Your tech-savvy colleagues may be ringing in "sick". The new iPhone 6 goes on sale and crowds are expected to gather at Apple stores worldwide to be among the first to get their hands on the gadget.

20-26 September 2014


Zwei Bier, bitte

Pack your lederhosen and head over to Munich where, rather confusingly, Oktoberfest is scheduled to begin - in September. Happy drinking. You have until 5 October to enjoy the festival.


Peace offering

On the United Nations' International Day of Peace, people around the globe are encouraged to cease hostilities and refrain from violence - tell your pupils this extends to playground disagreements.


So hot they're cool

Find out what your students are going to be talking about in the weeks and months to come. Superbrands will be releasing its "CoolBrands" list of Britain's hottest things, places and events.


Seasonal preoccupations

All the leaves are (red, yellow and) brown and the skies are grey. The nights are drawing in, too. It's the first day of autumn, so in your free periods take the opportunity to do some California dreamin'.


Magical moments

You'll like this, not a lot, but you'll like it: the International Brotherhood of Magicians' British arm is holding a five-day convention in Bournemouth, including facepainting and balloon workshops.


Shanah Tovah

Rosh Hashana - the Jewish new year - will be marked. A ram's-horn trumpet is sounded in synagogues and apples dipped in honey are eaten in the hope of a sweet year ahead.


Speaking in tongues

With a little creative thinking you can turn your school into a mini Tower of Babel as part of the European Day of Languages. The campaign aims to encourage lifelong language learning in and out of school.

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