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18-24 October 2014


What do we want? Better pay

Teachers and support staff took to the streets of London with other public sector workers to campaign for better wages. The march highlighted the pay gap between chief executives and other employees.


Wizard wisdom

What will happen if pupils don't revise? Over to Sir Ian McKellen, who quoted from one of his most famous roles to tell Somerset students: "YOU SHALL NOT PASS." The video went viral when he tweeted it.


Sweeten the deal

Top teachers should get a 25 per cent pay increase to work in schools serving the country's poorest areas, according to a report released by the Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission.


Rock around the clock

Forty-seven years ahead of its next predicted appearance, Halley's Comet reminded us of its existence with a meteor shower. The phenomenon was caused by Earth meeting the cosmic dust left in the comet's wake.


Speaking out

All students had their voices heard as schools marked International Stammering Awareness Day. The annual event aims to raise awareness of the condition, which affects about 1 per cent of the population.


A big bang

Bunsen burners were lit as the Manchester Science Festival got under way. The celebration encourages people to play and experiment with science through a variety of workshops and performances.


Raise your glasses

Another half-term is out of the way - hooray! For most teachers in England and Wales, today marks the end of the final week before a well-earned rest from the classroom. Gin and tonics all round.

25-31 October 2014


The rights stuff

Parents and teachers are expected to take to the streets of Chilean capital Santiago to protest against threats to subsidised education, which currently funds about 93 per cent of all schooling in the country.


Game plan

Football as we know it was born on this day in 1863 at the Freemasons' Tavern on Great Queen Street, London. Representatives from 11 London football clubs and schools met to agree on common rules.


In the house

Parliament will have an education focus today: the House of Commons will hear questions for the Department for Education, while the House of Lords will examine the financial regulation of academy schools.


War of nerves

Nuclear war was averted on this day in 1962 as the Cuban missile crisis came to a peaceful conclusion. The situation began two weeks earlier when Russian missiles were spotted on the Caribbean island.


Pet sounds

Keep up with what the kids are listening to as the winner of the Barclaycard Mercury Prize is announced. The award is for the best album of any genre; 2014 nominees include GoGo Penguin (pictured).


Get minted

It's the last day to submit designs for the "tail" side of the new pound coin for 2017. The winner will receive pound;10,000 - although there's no word on whether art teachers are eligible for a finder's fee.


Night terrors

It's close to midnight and something evil's lurking in the's hoping it's the spirit of Halloween and not a group of disgruntled students with eggs and toilet roll who have found your address.

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