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17-23 January 2015


Game on

The Confederation of African Football kicked off the Africa Cup of Nations in Equatorial Guinea. The original hosts, Morocco, refused to stage the tournament because of concerns about the Ebola virus.


Catch the drift

Do the Inuit really have dozens of words for it? And when will it come our way? All was revealed on World Snow Day, when countries across the globe staged celebrations of frozen water.


Miliband on mental health

Labour leader Ed Miliband promised that children's mental health would be a priority for his party if it won the general election. Mr Miliband said greater focus was needed on prevention and early intervention.


Blinkers off, inspectors

Ofsted's "blinkered approach" to inspecting children's services could obscure work to tackle child abuse, the Local Government Association warned, calling for an overhaul of the way investigations are carried out.


Ed tech for the next generation

Wondering what technological innovations are on the horizon for education? They were likely showcased at the Bett Show, the annual technology gathering that got under way in London today.


Power players

Can the Rubik's cube or Guess Who? ever be bettered? Unlikely. Nevertheless, the Toy of the Year Award was presented at the Toy Fair in London, where more than 260 companies tried to flog new games.


Pie, pie and pie again

Happy National Pie Day! It may be a US event, but it shows the reach of teachers: the tradition was started by Charlie Papazian, a Colorado teacher who declared his birthday as a celebration of pies.

24-30 January 2015


A toast to Winnie

It's 50 years since the death of political leader and cigar enthusiast Sir Winston Churchill. Among his many contributions is Special Brew, which was created in his honour by Carlsberg in 1950.


Offally good fun

"Fair fa' your honest, sonsie face, Great chieftain o' the puddin'-race!" Scotland will celebrate Burns Night - perhaps the only celebration to involve talking to meat dishes - with haggis, whisky and poetry.


Leap of faith

Praise be! After years of wrangling, the first female bishop of the Church of England, the Reverend Libby Lane, will be consecrated as the eighth bishop of Stockport at York Minster.


How to be a professional

Professionalism in education will come under the spotlight in the third pre-election debate held by the ATL teaching union. The panel will discuss the role of CPD in teachers' working lives.


Password protected

If you're looking for a time to consider the new computing curriculum, you could do worse than Data Privacy Day. Marked by governments and companies alike, it raises awareness of online protection.


The rights stuff

Last week, TES reported that the majority of teachers want human rights to be taught in school. Today, Human Rights Watch is due to release its annual report on practices in more than 90 countries.


Getting it in the neck

England gave its king the chop 365 years ago, when Charles I was beheaded after his defeat in the English Civil War. On the same date 12 years later, the corpse of Oliver Cromwell was ritually beheaded too.

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