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14-20 SEPTEMBER 2013


Smoke on the water

Ornate boats, the pounding of drums, the splashing of oars, sweat gushing off foreheads... The two-day annual San Francisco International Dragon Boat Festival is the biggest event of its kind in the US.


A boulevard promenade

Teachers were among the more than 29,000 women who took part in the annual La Parisienne race in Paris, France. The runners, many dressed in bright pink, raised millions for breast cancer charities.


Harassed? take a class

The Irish government is launching courses for parents in how to deal with bullying in schools. Parents can learn about teaching children to "manage relationships, be resilient and have empathy for others".


Making scents of science

Calling all laboratory lovers: the winners of the Wellcome Trust Science Writing Prize have been announced. Cassie Barton took home one of the prizes last year with a curious piece entitled "The Smell of Music".


Buried in your work?

As teachers and other public service workers complain of having their retirement date put back a few years, a global report from HSBC bank revealed that many people may never be able to retire. Grave news.


Art attack

A flurry of excitement always surrounds the publication of the key stage 2 test results in England. But all this focus on primary school exams has been blamed for spelling the end for plasticine and papier mache.


Issues du jaw

Brace yourself for the British Orthodontic Society's annual conference in Manchester. Young people everywhere will wince at the thought of all those dentists wielding screwdrivers in the same place. Open wide!


21-27 SEPTEMBER 2013


Shine a light

Relax and light a joss stick, it's the United Nations International Day of Peace. People can get involved by "lighting a candle at noon and sitting in silent meditation, or doing a good deed for someone".


Bees in their bonnets

It's World Carfree Day and events will be held across the globe to highlight alternatives such as cycling, walking and public transport. Well, at least it won't interfere with the school run.


Strike up the miliband

Political shenanigans are likely as the British Labour Party conference grinds into its second day in Brighton. Bigwigs will debate how best to defeat the coalition government at the next election.


Save your sole

If ever you needed an excuse for a foot massage after standing in front of unruly teenagers all day, it's the third day of World Reflexology Week. Massage your toes and feel your sinus problem evaporate.


The arrival of equality

It's the anniversary of the Little Rock school crisis in Arkansas, US. In 1957, nine black children going to a previously all-white school had to be protected from protesters by 1,000 paratroopers.


Sex drive

Condoms and cucumbers at the ready, it's World Contraception Day. Organisers say they want a future when "every pregnancy is wanted" because of increased awareness and access to reliable contraception.


Driven to ink

One of the best reasons for listening in literacy lessons is so you don't end up with a misspelt tattoo. No such second-rate inking at the International London Tattoo Convention, which starts today.

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