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Get a woggle on

Scouts, politicians and academics from more than 200 countries met in Hong Kong for the World Scout Education Congress. They discussed the educational aspects of belonging to the 28 million-strong movement.


It's a kind of magic

Continuing to cast a spell over readers, JK Rowling's novel Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone was named the UK's favourite children's book in a survey carried out by literacy charity Booktrust.


Goodwill hunting

The one-month countdown until Christmas began, with just 29 shopping days remaining. It's time to get cracking: those socks for Uncle Derek aren't going to buy themselves, are they?


Small wonders

So, geographers, where exactly is the Isle of Sark? Politicians from global minnows such as Bermuda and Gibraltar met at a summit in London for leaders of British overseas territories and crown dependencies.


Won by a neck

Ever wanted a pet dinosaur? A UK auction offered the next best thing: the chance to buy a complete 17m-long diplodocus longus skeleton for the first time. If you could afford the #163;500,000 price tag, that is.


First past the post

On this day in 1895, America's first car race took place in Chicago. Charles Duryea claimed victory with his "motorised wagon", averaging a speed of 7mph. Sebastian Vettel, eat your heart out.


Bread cross

Charity begins at home for the British Red Cross, which today launches a campaign to collect food for impoverished families. Half a million Brits had to rely on food banks in order to feed themselves last year.



Seize the day

Neeps and tatties will be the order of the day as Scots across the globe celebrate St Andrew's Day. The event promises to be significant ahead of next year's vote on Scottish independence from the UK.


Open season

Time to grapple with those fiddly little cardboard doors: it's the start of Advent. It's also time to decide whether to opt for an old-fashioned calendar with pictures or one with chocolates in it. No contest, surely?


Seeing red

Take a deep breath and count to 10: it's National Anger Awareness Week. Events across the UK aim to increase understanding of the causes of anger and help people to keep their rage in check.


Fit for purpose

The Lancet's Global Health 2035 Commission's report on world health issues is to be launched in London. It will argue that developing countries should invest in healthcare for the future.


Mind tricks

The start of a new double act? Illusionist Derren Brown will team up with philosopher Alain de Botton for a talk about magic, happiness, philosophy and psychology at the Institute of Education in London.


Window of opportunity

It's the (unofficial) start of Christmas: Hamleys toy shop in London will be unveiling its festive window display. This year's big sellers are expected to include Yuletide favourite the Robo Fish.


Roll of honour

Forget the Oscars, this is the big one: the Loo of the Year Awards. The most affable attendants and charismatic cleaners will be battling it out for 57 titles. But who will be flushed with success?

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