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1-7 FEBRUARY 2014


A great try

The England rugby team were painfully pipped to the post in Paris in one of the opening games of the Six Nations championship. Elsewhere, Ireland trounced Scotland and Wales beat Italy.


In the line of fire

Students campaigned for the reinstatement of science teacher Richard West, who was dismissed from St Peter's Collegiate School in England for accidentally shooting a student with a pellet gun during an experiment.


Think alike for great minds

England's education secretary Michael Gove said he wanted to make state schools "indistinguishable" from their private school counterparts. But they'll never get funding for all those tennis courts - or rowing lakes.


Soaring salaries?

"Will 2014 be the year of the pay rise?" It may sound like the beginning of a bad joke to teachers, but it's actually the title of an economics debate held by the Resolution Foundation thinktank in London.


A sweet deal

Sweet rationing ended in Britain 61 years ago today. Toffee apples were the biggest sellers when confectionery became freely available after the lean war years. Children's sugar consumption has been rising ever since.


Pride of the Republicans

Ronald Reagan Day was held in the US, in honour of the 1980s president. The organiser, Americans for Tax Reform, works to encourage the naming of landmarks, buildings and roads after him.


Cool runnings

Crack open the Lycra drawer, it's time for the Winter Olympics to start in Sochi, Russia. The schedule is packed with great events - and the Jamaican bobsleigh team will be competing after a 12-year absence.


8-14 FEBRUARY 2014


Women of the future

Topical questions, such as how to close the gender gap in Stem (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects, will be discussed at the National Conference on Girls' Education in Philadelphia, US.


Indigenous inspiration

Young people of Native American descent will attend the Arizona Indian Education Association Youth Conference, which has the theme "dream, inspire, lead". They will receive advice on how to achieve their goals.


Professors protest

University staff in the UK are due to strike over a "miserly" 1 per cent pay rise - for just two hours. The mini strike is the latest in a series of walkouts aimed at disrupting thousands of lectures and seminars.


Sans La Premiere Dame

Sex-scandal-stricken French president Francois Hollande is expected to make a trip to the US. He will drop in on President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle. But will Mr Hollande be travelling alone?


Horns of a dilemma

The illegal sale of animal products such as rhino horn will be debated at a WWF conference starting in London. Global politicians will aim to reach an agreement on coordinating efforts to end the trade.


Turn on, tune in

Broadcast the news around the school: it's Unesco's World Radio Day, which celebrates the medium and encourages networks to promote freedom of expression and access to information.


Love me do

Stick a perfume-soaked card in your school leader's pigeonhole, it's Valentine's Day at last. Restaurants and florists will make a killing, your overdraft will take a hit. But it might be worth the investment.

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