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8-14 SEPTEMBER 2012


A load of junk

Jamie Oliver will be choking on his homemade foccacia. Channel Four's Dispatches reported that dozens of academy schools are selling junk food now that they are permitted to flout school food regulations.


Now, the end is here

And what a Games it was. The Paralympic closing ceremony featured a steampunk revival, Prince Edward, and Rihanna in garish orange pantaloons. Last one to leave the stadium has to put the lights out.


Excellent adventure

The London Academy of Excellence, a new free school for high-flyers set up by top independent schools, opened its doors for the first time. Term starts with a series of trips to increase "cultural capital".


An a-grade fiasco

The key players in the "GCSE grading scandal" appeared before the Commons Education Select Committee. Ofqual's Glenys Stacey (left) said she would have forced changes to the grade boundaries to halt grade inflation.


Action stations

The jovial mood of the summer began to fade away as talk at the Trades Union Congress in Brighton turned to industrial action. But would teachers and support staff get involved in a proposed general strike?


Fees and foes

Vice-chancellors from universities across the country gathered for a chin wag at the Universities UK conference at Keele University. Tuition fees and fair access were expected to be the stickiest issues on the agenda.


Green shoots

Saving the world may have fallen off the agenda as the economy nosedives, but at least we have the Friends of the Earth annual conference. Expect composting toilets and other stinky solutions to be discussed.


15-21 SEPTEMBER 2012


What's with the face?

Why not pull a few funny faces in the classroom to lighten the mood and mark the World Gurning Championships, which take place this weekend at the Egremont Crab Fair in Cumbria. Ugliest mug wins.


Run for it

Our summer of sport is not over yet. Whether from the streets or from your sofa, cheer on everyone taking part in the Great North Run, the largest half-marathon staged anywhere in the world.


Put that in your cakehole

National Cupcake Week kicks off today, so what better excuse to get cooking with Year 6? Negotiate the slalom of health and safety in the kitchen and the whole class could be tucking in by teatime.


The day the music died

The anniversary of the death of guitar legend Jimi Hendrix, who died after collapsing at a party in London in 1970. The world mourned and guitar lessons would never be the same again.


One loves a tour

Another memorable place name for geographers: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge leave Funafuti on the Pacific island of Tuvalu to return to London after their tour of East Asia and the South Pacific.


What a result

Just when you thought results season was behind you, along come more. The Department for Education is due to publish key stage 2 and 3 data today, presumably in the hope that they'll be less controversial than GCSEs.


Politicians are back in town

If you don't like politicians, it's time to steer clear of Brighton, Manchester and Birmingham. Party conference season kicks off tomorrow as the Liberal Democrats hold their annual gathering.

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