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8-14 DECEMBER 2012


Upsetting the apple cart

The technological ambitions of Rossett School in Harrogate clashed with parents' finances when the head asked them to buy their children iPads for school work. Let's just say the request didn't go down well.


Down with henry

Too much Hitler and too many Henrys: that was the verdict on teaching from the all-party parliamentary group on archives and history. Pupils should study a broader range of eras, it said. Viking runes and Roman baths, anyone?


Kk by me in america

Yee-haw! Sixth-formers seeking the American Dream were invited to apply for Sutton Trust summer schools at US Ivy League universities. They could love it so much that they end up studying for degrees across the pond.


Royal seal of approval

Prince Charles visited Pimlico Academy in London to meet pupils and teachers who have taken courses at the Prince's Teaching Institute. Let's hope there were no lectures on architecture or alternative medicine.


The upper crust

The World Pie Eating Championship was due to land at Harry's Bar in Wigan, kicking off at "pie noon". Entrants were challenged to eat a 12cm-wide pie in the shortest possible time. Veggie options were available.


Higher callings

Have fees deterred the poor from media studies and golf course management degrees? Are modern languages disappearing from universities? Ucas was to release figures on how many people applied where in 2012.


Say it like it is

A great day to swap "vertically challenged" for "short", and "challenges" for "problems". On Plain English Day, awards will be handed out for the most obfuscating use of the English language.

Next week

15-21 DECEMBER 2012


Language without borders

Felicxan Esperanto-Tagon! More linguistic tomfoolery today, as Esperanto Day is observed. Hardly anyone speaks it, and it's a bit of an academic exercise, but what's good for Latin...


Wig he or won't he?

In a year in which a British person won the Tour de France and Olympic gold medals seemed to rain from the sky, competition for the title of BBC Sports Personality of the Year will be fierce tonight.


Trial for nativity accused

Lee Wilkinson, 39, from South Shields, was due in court accused of biting off a man's finger at a school nativity play. He denies witness intimidation and wounding with intent.


Most wonderful time for beer

School Christmas festivities are reaching a peak, with paper snowflakes and nativity scenes crafted from toilet roll holders ubiquitous. Shopping lists for staff parties are being drawn up too. Wine box? Check!


Little green women

An opportunity for a bit of end-of-term feminist debate: the Miss Universe contest is being held in Las Vegas tonight. But will the Martian entry stand a chance of winning, what with her three eyes and antennae?


Ding, dong! Merrily on high!

OK, so there's no educational link, but who doesn't enjoy having a bash at the "Glo-o-o-o-o-o-o-ria" bit before "Hosanna in excelsis"? The Christmas Carol Singalong takes place at London's Royal Albert Hall.


God rest ye merry, teachers

It's the shortest day of the year and what seemed like the longest term ever has finally ended. It will all start again in January, which is only two weeks away, but relax and have a brandy in the meantime.

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