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19-25 JANUARY 2013


Show us the money

A would-be postgraduate student is suing an Oxford college for "selecting on the basis of wealth" because it makes applicants prove they can pay thousands in tuition fees and living expenses.


More trouble at the beeb

Telephones at the BBC complaints department were ringing off the hook when its CBeebies channel screened an old episode of Tweenies featuring a character impersonating predatory sex offender Jimmy Savile.


A-level dropouts revealed

Thinktank Policy Exchange found that one in three A-level students drops out after a year. Students shy away from vocational courses because they are seen as a "dumping ground" for the less able, apparently.


That's rich

Wondering where all the dosh for the new mobile classroom went? Author Chrystia Freeland spoke at the House of Commons about her book Plutocrats: the rise of the new global super-rich and the fall of everyone else.


What do you want to be?

Once upon a time the careers adviser decided one's destiny with the stroke of a pen. The Commons Education Select Committee reported today on the impact of schools' new duty to provide independent careers advice.


Hanging in the balance

The government published statistics on how local authorities spend their education budgets. Schools keeping too much cash tucked away will also be exposed as their balances are published. Eek!


Emotional eating conference

The first ever conference on "emotional eating" is being held in London by eating disorder charity Beat and the Royal College of Nursing. Delegates will learn what triggers overeating.

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A day for down under

G'day sports, it's Australia Day. The first British fleet arrived at Sydney Cove in 1788 and Britain declared itself well and truly in charge. It then filled the landmass with rabbits and convicts.


What larks

Is this a mistle thrush I see before me? No, it's an old sock. Children love taking part in the Big Garden Birdwatch, which asks volunteers around the country to survey the bird populations in people's back gardens.


Hit for six

To India, for the women's cricket World Cup. Defending champions England will set the action rolling by playing Pakistan. Let's hope it's a bit less leg before wicket and a bit more double century for our sporting heroines.


Over the moon

An exciting day for English teachers as the Costa Book of the Year is announced. Severely dyslexic writer and illustrator Sally Gardner is in the running for her children's book Maggot Moon.


Folk gets flashy

Music teachers alert: the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards will take place in Glasgow today. As folk rides its current wave of popularity, expect it to be an unusually glamorous gathering.


Many unhappy returns

Most teachers are on PAYE, but for anyone moonlighting as a children's entertainerhome tutorpastry chef, it's time to file that self-assessment form. About as much fun as cleaning out the dishwasher filter.


Celebrating diversity

The lives and achievements of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people will be celebrated in LGBT History Month, which starts today. The focus of this year's event is maths, science and engineering.

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