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9-15 FEBRUARY 2013


On the hoof

The horsemeat scandal galloped along and the government called an emergency meeting with food retailers, suppliers and the Food Standards Agency. Junior showjumping champions wept into their lasagne.


Cooking up a storm

It was hard news to swallow for Kit Kat fans. School food tsar and restaurateur Henry Dimbleby said schools should ban unhealthy packed lunches to encourage more investment in and take-up of school dinners.


Vacating the vatican

The first German pope for 1,000 years said he would resign for health reasons and dedicate the rest of his life to prayer. The internet was flooded with papal puns and Catholics contemplated Benedict XVI's successor.


Dark clouds

Children of Alcoholics Week, which started on Sunday, highlights the needs of those whose childhoods are overshadowed by addiction. Calum Best, son of the late footballer George Best, has pledged his support.


Beckham and Le beau jeu

Would he wear a beret or wouldn't he? David Beckham was due to train for the first time with football club Paris Saint-Germain. With his children at school in London, long commutes on the Eurostar are sure to follow.


They said romance was dead...

Unionist argy-bargy at Halesowen College in the West Midlands, where lecturers were set to strike over the sacking of four maths lecturers. Protesters will deliver a Valentine's Day card petition with 12,000 signatures.


Brussels carries on regardless

The European Union may have been axed from the geography curriculum but the EU Education, Youth, Culture and Sport Council is meeting in Brussels nonetheless. No yawning at the back please.


16-22 FEBRUARY 2013


Invaders from the north

The spotlight has lately been on a car park in Leicester but let us not forget those Vikings unearthed in York in the late 1970s. Helmets on, axes out, the Jorvik Viking Festival is due to kick off. Grrrrr!


Not stumped yet

England has the two top wicket-takers of the tournament so far but can the team win? The Women's Cricket World Cup final takes place in India and we're still in with a chance of playing.


Pre-spring cleaning

The first proper day of half-term for many. Why not unwind with some non-machine coffee, then get down to all those things you have been meaning to do since Christmas. Like cleaning out the fridge.


Open access

Office for Fair Access head Les Ebdon will be the highlight of a debate on university access organised by thinktank Reform. The event, Widening Participation and Maintaining Excellence, is by invitation only.


Facing the music

Music teachers brace for some poptastic rejoicing. Boy band behemoth One Direction will perform at the Brit Awards tonight. American chanteuse Taylor Swift will be there, too, much to the tabloids' delight.


Oh, Mr Darcy!

"It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of an attractive set of commemorative stamps... " Royal Mail will release a batch to mark the 200th anniversary of Pride and Prejudice.


great pains

Fancy a chiropractor getting his hands on your coccyx? The Back Pain Show starts at London's Olympia. As one of the professions likely to suffer (blame all that standing up), teachers will be there in force.

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