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2-8 MARCH 2013


Frozen out of Antarctic trek

Stoic sexagenarian explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes was preparing to return home after severe frostbite forced him to pull out of a trip across Antarctica. "There's no point in crying over spilt milk," he said, "or split fingers."


Hothousing 'creates paranoia'

If in doubt, blame the parents. Distinguished headmaster Richard Harman, of the #163;30,000- a-year Uppingham School, said parents risk damaging children by hothousing them. Forced cramming creates "paranoia", he said.


Celebrate syntax

It was National Grammar Day, innit? But only in the US. A press release said it was "a 24-hour period where the misuse of the semi-colon or the dangling participle makes the news agenda". God forbid.


Learning without fear

Charity Plan International and the University of Toronto were due to release A Girl's Right to Learn Without Fear, their report on violence against girls in schools worldwide. Heavy stuff, but important reading.


Give your undivided attention

Did someone say "quadratic"? It was World Maths Day: number lovers were giddy with the prospect of some celebratory simultaneous equations, while the rest of us laid low until it was all over.


Complete works is just so

Like Tupac and Jimi Hendrix, author Rudyard Kipling was due to publish works from beyond the grave in a complete edition of his poetry. New poems were uncovered during renovations of a Manhattan house.


Women unite

Strap-on beards are available for all women overwhelmed by having a whole day held in their honour. International Women's Day celebrates the achievements of women and shine a spotlight on their struggles.


9-15 MARCH 2013


Make your move

Chess supremos from the universities of Oxford and Cambridge will compete in the 131st annual Varsity Match. Cambridge triumphed last year, but will their adversaries come back with a vengeance?


Say it with flowers

Mum, where's my other sock? Hardworking mothers across the land will appreciate anything they can get on Mothers' Day. Whether it's a bunch of tulips from the garage or a cup of tea, they deserve a break.


Working for a brighter future

Overalls on, paintbrushescement mixersscissors out. National Apprenticeships Week rolls into action today. Events across the UK will highlight the benefits of doing an apprenticeship.


A Weighty issue

It is one of the most talked-about topics affecting children today. Shadow health minister Diane Abbott will speak at a debate on preventing childhood obesity, hosted by the Institute for Public Policy Research.


Gove grilled about bullying

Education secretary Michael Gove is to be questioned by the Commons Education Select Committee about bullying in his department. A letter to the acting chair indicated he is a bit miffed at the prospect.


Humble pi

What, more maths? World Pi Day is dedicated to the number 3.1415926535... (ad infinitum). The celebrations are expected to thrill maths aficionados from morning till night.


Chuckle for charity

At last, a bit of light relief. Red Nose Day promises the usual bounty of silliness and japes, enjoyed while baring the scars of an over-tight plastic conk. Go on, make that video and put it on YouTube.

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