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Feeling flush

It's the career path that many a teacher regrets not following. The glamorous World Poker Tour World Championship kicked off in Las Vegas, US, at the Bellagio casino. Let's hope contenders packed their poker faces.


Grasp the nettle

Tea made from them tastes vile and the itch from their sting will drive you mad. But Be Nice to Nettles Week highlights the benefits of the humble stinging nettle, which supports more than 40 species of insect in the UK.


World's loopiest ride

School trips to England's Alton Towers theme park just got worse: the Smiler roller coaster, which opened this week and has a world record of 14 loops, will thrill students and horrify staff. Stick to the teacup ride...


Loving Lifelong learning

Years of learning in school, then a lifetime of hard graft, learning almost nothing: the organisers of UK Adult Learners' Week hope to help avert this grim destiny by "inspiring people to change their lives".


Leitmotifs, not light relief

Ride of the Valkyries, anyone? It was the 200th anniversary of the birth of German composer Richard Wagner - that's almost as long as it takes to listen to all four of his epic Ring Cycle operas.


Out in the scouts

Boy Scouts of America was due to vote on whether to end a ban on allowing openly gay young people to become members. The vote was part of its annual get-together at the Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Center.


He'll be ready, never you fear

Wherever the action is, former Baywatch star David Hasselhoff is bound to be close by. The Hoff is taking part in the annual Gumball 3000 rally, ending in Monaco. Don't forget the keys to your supercar.


25-31 MAY 2013


Fun and game

It's National Shooting Week in the UK. Organisers are hoping that events and taster sessions will attract people keen to blow the head off a passing pheasant during the next shooting season.


Cannes you guess the winner?

The French city of Cannes will roll up its red carpet for another year as its annual film festival draws to a close. But the big question remains: which film will be awarded the coveted Palme d'Or?


Digging Disney

It changed children's holiday expectations for ever: the construction of Walt Disney World in Florida, US, began on this day in 1969. And you thought that the Magic Kingdom was at least 14th century.


Monkey madness

It ain't fun being fired into space in the nose cone of a missile - but they made it out alive. Monkeys Able and Baker were weightless for nine minutes of their 16-minute flight on this day in 1959.


Conquering everest

George Mallory and Andrew Irvine may or may not have reached the summit first, but Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay were the first to make it back. It has been 60 years since the first known successful ascent of Everest.


All spelled out

While some of us are best friends with our spellcheckers, others positively embrace the mysteries of orthography. Schoolchildren will compete in the finals of the Scripps National Spelling Bee in Maryland, US.


Smoke without fire

Put out that cigarette and get on with your work: it's World No Tobacco Day, organised by the World Health Organisation. Sales of electronic cigarettes, which give a nicotine hit without the smoke, are predicted to soar.

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